Enhanced Detoxification & Cleansing

We offer Bespoke "Detox/Cleanse" packages

All packages consist of 4 juices and smoothies per day (There is an additional cost if you want the Maximum of 5 juices or smoothies per day)

3 days is £70, 4 days is £80, 5 days is £90, 6 days is £100, 7 days is £110, 10 days is £170 plus P&P or delivery charges.


Through the Organs of elimination, the human body does naturally detoxify. However, when you consistently overburden and pollute the body with toxicity and fail to replace the deficiency of Exogenous (outside) Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals etc the body degenerates into chronic dis-ease as the organs can no longer keep up with the demand.

The reason why a Natural Juicing and Smoothie only programme is so effective is because you remove the toxicity (the fizzy drinks, alcohol, processed food, "refined" sugar) and flood your body with high quality nutrients (exogenous enzymes, vitamins, minerals etc) which thereby replaces the deficiency and allows your body to clear the build-up of toxins that are stored in the Fatty Tissue, Liver, Kidneys, Skin and Bowel.

For the most successful enhanced detoxification it is best done when you can ensure you will get optimum rest, including sleep so the ideal time is when you have a free week or more off work or from a busy life.

You should also drink at least 3 litres of filtered water, do light exercise and meditate daily.

You can do more strenuous physical activity but it is very likely to cause further discomfort as it will speed up the process.

If you are entirely new to juicing and embark on one of these packages then you may experience what is known as "The Healing Crisis"

This is when the body goes into a turbo mode and it tries to house clean which cause the intensification of symptoms of what would be most commonly be associated to be illness.

In short, the recommended programme appears to be making you ill BUT IT ISN'T REALLY!

Toxins previously stored in the tissues are forced into the bloodstream where they are dissolved. As the body re-dissolves and re-circulates the poisons it is entirely normal to experience headaches, migraines, lethargy, depression and a lack of motivation plus general flu-like symptoms as the waste is eventually re-directed to the previously mentioned organs of elimination.

These negative effects are temporary and can last as little as 1 day or as long as one week.

However, once you get through this you can look forward to clearer skin, brighter eyes, drastically higher levels of energy and enhanced mental focus and sharpness plus much more!

Please let us know if you have any specific allergies or any specific requirements i.e you are diabetic.

Natural Juicing for Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss

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