What Exactly is Natural Juice Therapy?


Natural Juice Therapy has been around for centuries. 

Clients will be coached, supported and inspired on how they can use the unique blend of healing properties held inside Raw Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and Juice Boosts to provide the body with the balance of Nutrients ( Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes and Essential Fatty Acids) required to kick start the body's natural healing mechanism.

These are then delivered in liquid form for optimum bio-availability!

Why You Should Choose Us


Why Choose Me?

After defeating my own health challenges and many years of comprehensive study with the Juice Master School of Natural Juice Therapy covering Biology, Anatomy and Physiology in Health and in Illness, Whole Nutrition, our specialist area of Natural Juicing and attending the Juice Master Academy, I am proud to announce that I am Salford's First Fully Qualified, Fully Accredited Natural Juice Therapists! 

I am ready to help you harness your potential and unlock the next level of your life. Are you ready?

I provide personal consultations, informative nutrition talks, workshops and bespoke natural Juice and smoothie programmes. 

Why Should I Juice?

1. Firstly it is not a case of juicing or eating whole, the correct thing to do is to incorporate juicing and smoothies into our daily lives but also to eat fruit and veg whole.

2. What about my Fibre? Fruit and Vegetable juices do contain Soluble Fibre.

It is soft and sticky, and absorbs water to form a gel-like substance inside the digestive system. It helps soften stool so it can slide through the Gastrointestinal tract more easily. It also binds to substances like cholesterol and sugar, preventing or slowing their absorption into the blood. That's why it's known to help regulate blood sugar levels, and protect against heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol. What's more, soluble fibre boosts the population of good bacteria in the gut, which is linked to improved immunity, anti-inflammatory effects, and even enhanced mood. But that's not all: Soluble fibre also has middle-whittling benefits. For starters, it makes you feel full for longer, which helps with weight management. Apple and Pears contain Pectin which is a soluble fibre.

Insoluble Fibre (the one you probably think of)

isn't broken down by the gut and absorbed into the bloodstream. It adds bulk to waste in the digestive system, which helps keep you regular and prevent constipation (as well as any related problems).

(In a Smoothie the Soluble and Insoluble Fibre is mixed together.)

(As the great Dr Norman Walker said "there is no nourishment in the fibres, however, they serve a very useful and much needed purpose. They act as an Intestinal Broom and after having travelled through the Stomach, Duodenum and 25ft of Small Intestine, they reach the Colon as Microscopic Cellulose. The Colon still considers the Cellulose as fibre and uses it as such. Without fibre, the Colon and the body as a whole cannot be maintained in a healthy condition". 

3. Bio-Availability 

It isn't you are what you eat, it is more you are what you manage to absorb.

The Digestive System of the majority of people is so clogged up and substantially overburdened with Toxicity that even if you are already consuming the right kind of food, your body can't properly extract and utilise the nutritional goodness.

However, when you drink a juice it requires very little energy and is significantly more Bio-available to the body. It can nourish your cells as quickly as 10 minutes or a smoothie in 15 minutes. Now that is what you call FAST FOOD!

4. What about my Protein? My Calcium?

There is a misconception where the majority of people have been led to believe that only by eating meat and eggs can you get sufficient protein. Equally there is one that you can only get adequate calcium if you consume dairy, more specifically; drink cow's milk.

However, both are exactly a misconception. Take for example in nature, the Leaf-Cutter Ant (which can lift 50x its own weight) which feeds on the nutrients from the juices of the plants it harvests' and then eventually the fungi which grows. Or how about (the Largest Land Mammal on Earth) the Savanna Elephant which can consume an incredible 300lbs of roots, grasses, fruit, bark and vegetation. After no meat or dairy the Elephant still manages to lift 9 tons and the trunk can carry 200kg as contains 40,000 muscles and tendons. 

the Greatest Protein Source in the world is from Cyano-Batcteria called Spirulina. (we add the powdered form to our "Feed The Beast" smoothie.) Good sources of Protein and organic Calcium (in dairy it has been pasteurised so the Calcium is therefore; inorganic and toxic to the body) are Spinach, Broccoli and Avocado.

5. But What about the Sugar?!

A large concern is this day and age is sugar, it is very much warranted. However, added sugar in artificial drinks and food vs natural sugar in freshly extracted fruit and vegetables is an entirely different thing.

Artificial food-like products containing sugar are treated both as a toxin and a foreign organism by the human body.  Consuming vast amounts of white "refined" sugars leads to cravings, addiction and withdrawal which makes it sound very similar to a drug. They contain zero vitamins or minerals that your body can use and white sugar goes straight through the intestinal wall.

Natural sugars like Fructose found in fruit are rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

To the human body the difference between unnatural and natural sugars is completely different; it is like comparing tea from the Coca Leaf or the refined version COCAINE! The white refined sugar is treated as a drug, a toxin and a foreign organism. The Natural Sugar is considered a welcome source of nutrients, vitality and energy. 

6. What is an Enzyme? 

It's in our name and there is a high chance that you may have never heard of the word before.

There are many different wide-ranging definitions of what an Enzyme is. 

Dr Norman Walker describes them as "an intangible magnetic cosmic energy of life principle" (not a substance)

The word "Enzyme" is from a Greek term which means "To cause a Change". They promote Regenerative changes, maintain health, protect against all diseases and ensure longevity for the human body. They provide an energetic cellular charge which is crucial to lifeforce. Enzymes are essential to the human body and in their purest and most highly charged form, can Only come from Raw Organic Food!

An Enzyme is both a catalyst and a manager of the reactions in the human body. There are 1000s and each one only fits with a specific substrate, this is known as Enzyme Specificity. They can be used countless times before they expire.

However, it should be noted that we do have a finite amount of Endogenous (internal) Enzymes and 3 days after you make your last Proteolytic Enzyme, you die. This is why you must replenish your supply by obtaining Exogenous (outside) Enzymes from Raw Organic Food.