Forget 5 a Day

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After 95 studies into fruit and vegetable intake, In early 2017 the Imperial College of London researchers' have stated that the previous calculations about the necessary portions of fruit and veg required to keep people healthy were underestimated.

The ICL said that although consuming 5 portions of fruit and veg a day reduced disease risk, the greatest benefit was derived from eating 10 portions a day.

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Now this new research further supports the belief that AJEE has. 

Consuming 10+ portions a day of whole foods is quite the challenge and it would create a huge amount of work for the digestive system which would sadly leave energy for little else. This is one of the reasons why Natural Juicing is so fantastic because it allows you to consume high portions of fruit and veg in an efficient and bio-available way which results in optimal health plus plenty of energy left to spare for the fun things!