10 Core Tenets for Health

1. Restore Your Enzyme Level

Vitamins (co-Enzymes) and Minerals (co-factors) alone will not do for the building and maintenance of health. 

You need to replenish your enzyme level to that of a young person in order to have maximum regenerative and growth capabilities. 

A highly efficient way to achieve a high enzyme level is by consuming freshly extracted organic juices and smoothies and incorporating them into daily life and also periodically doing a juice only programme for a substantial boost. You should also eat lots of fruit, vegetables nuts and seeds in addition to the drinks.

2. Manage your Hormone Level

The Majority of people have imbalances of hormone levels. Oestrogen dominates whilst Testosterone and Progesterone levels are diminished. If health is the goal we must reduce our Oestrogen level whilst simultaneously increasing both our Testosterone and Progesterone levels to what we had when we were 20 years of age or so.

3. Increase Tissue Oxygenation Level

In order to keep awake and fully alert, the level of oxygen in our cells needs to be seriously high an we can achieve this by first consuming lots of enzymes, then we weight train and then breathe as much fresh air as regularly as possible. 

4. Strength/Weight Training

From the age of 50 on we lose 10% muscle mass a year until by the age of 60 the majority of people have lost nearly all of of their voluntary muscle mass and bone density. 

The first rule of exercise is the body wants to be worked through its primary range of motion so just walking is not enough.

Unlike the Circulatory system, the Lymph system has no pump so we need to move our bodies to get rid of the toxins and debris.

There are many benefits to weight training including increased bone density, the promotion of fat-free body mass, it enhances the strength of muscles, tendons and connective tissue and generally improves your quality of life.

Let us not forget that when you feel good, you look good and vice-versa which greatly boosts confidence.

5. Meditate

As important as it is to go beast mode in the gym and with exercise, on the other hand it is of vital importance to begin inserting consistent Meditation into your schedule. 

It improves focus/concentration, emotional regulation, reduces anxiety, increases your sense of wellbeing, improves relationships, improves memory, makes you more creative and so much more.

"You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” -Zen proverb 

6. Fresh Air and Sunlight

We need to move to clear the Lymphatic system, we need oxygen for our cells and we need sunlight to keep on making that Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D) and sometimes  being outside just makes you feel great. 

7. Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration something that is worryingly very common. The majority of people don't drink enough water. Many liquids and food-like products dehydrate us.

The human body is composed of between 60%-80% water

Really water should be your main drink but at the very least you should drink a glass before bed and a glass as soon as you wake up which would flush the organs and tissues and help you to be in an alert state.

8. Sleep Well

When it comes to sleep, the normal view is quite strange as it is "cool" and to some people they wear it like a "badge of honour".

 Most people don't realise just how serious and how very dangerous it is to be consistently sleep deprived.

A lack of sleep causes mood swings, headaches, makes losing weight and maintaining the loss difficult (you have those "Liquid Pounds" that are not metabolised properly), reduces your capacity to learn, kills your sex drive/libido, makes you forgetful, can lead to depression, makes you Fatter and Uglier and can accelerate serious health problems.

The lesson is simple; make sure you get plenty of sleep..


9. Walk As Much as Possible

Nice and simple; we should try to walk as much as possible for a low level bit of exercise, for some air and (hopefully) some sunlight to make you feel good.

"If you are in a bad mood go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk.” -Hippocrates

10. Remove the Toxicity and Replace the Deficiency

The One Disease-One Solution Hypothesis proposed by the Gerson family states that "All Chronic and Degenerative diseases are caused by two and only two major problems; toxicity and deficiency". 

If you remove unnatural junk going in and replace what your body is deficient in; enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids etc then it is very likely that you will maintain long term happy health and wonderful wellbeing of mind, body, soul and philosophy.